Science Extravaganza 2011 Visualization Workshop

Hello world!

After more than a month of planning, we finally carried out our workshops at science extravaganza.

We presented a total of three workshops to more than 250 students. The workshop walked students through the process of scientific visualization, a variation of the workshop used in outreach programs for the Cyber-ShARE center. They started by interactively brainstorming about ideas of what, when and why we do visualization. After we arrived to a consensus on the definition of visualization, we did some coordinate plotting and graphing, to demonstrate the process that occurs inside a computer to produce an image. Finally, the students used Paraview to create a visualization of the human head.

The workshop slides are presented here as a gallery, in case you would like to replicate the workshop. Paraview is open source and free. You can also download the experiment files from the Data link on Paraviews main page. You can find the download links here: , just download the latest Paraview version and the Data files. The files you are looking for are “headsq”. Enjoy 🙂

Make sure to visit the gallery as well with pictures of the event!

Thank you again Jaime Jaloma, Joe Segura, Ana K Quevedo, Esthela Gallardo and Ivan Gris for organizing and participating!

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