The ACM Student Chapter is Back!

The UTEP ACM chapter is on the web!

The events held in which the ACM participated during Fall 2010, and the current and future events for Spring 2011 are now regularly presented throughout this blog.

Fall 2010 – Spring 2011

For six years, the Association for Computing Machinery, or ACM, has been in existence in UTEP’s Computer Science Department; however due to busy graduating officers many students had gradually heard less and less about the ACM Student Chapter. Now under new officers, since the beginning of Fall 2010, the ACM makes a surprising return by bringing over 30 Computer Science (CS) students to its three meetings and multiple events held this semester.

Become a Member!

Under its new direction, the ACM membership process has been modified. In the past, to become a member one was required to pay a $10 membership fee. Today, we ask students interested in becoming a member to attend three meeting and two events before being considered members of the ACM Student Chapter. The new process has a purpose, since students can and are encouraged to include their membership with the ACM in their resumes; we seek their active participation so that if asked what they have done as members of the ACM, they will have achievements to discuss.

Meet your Officers!

Dr. Martine Ceberio, Advisor

Esthela Gallardo, President

Ivan Gris, Vice President

Ana K Quevedo, Treasurer

Eva G Del Toro, Secretary

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