Stochastic Models of Viral Entry Kinetics and Inverse Problems Seminar

Dr. Thomas Chou from UCLA ( will be giving a talk on Friday May 27th 
at our CS seminar to be held at noon in room #221 (Computer Science Building). 

Please find his title and abstract below (as well as on 

Title: Stochastic models of viral entry kinetics and inverse problems

Abstract: We develop and study a kinetic model to study the physics of viral infection via 
the two main entry pathways into cells: fusion and endocytosis. Analysis of the model allows 
us to derive a ``phase diagram" that yields qualitative predictions of the biophysical 
conditions under which each entry pathway is preferred. We will also discuss several extensions, 
all motivated by examining recent experimental protocols introduced to determine the 
receptor-coreceptor usage in HIV-1 infectivity. In the second part of the talk, I will discuss 
stochastic inverse problems and present some results on the reconstruction of drift functions 
in a Brownian motion, as well as on the branching number distribution in a Bellman-Harris 
branching process. Conditions and additional measurements that render the reconstruction better 
conditioned, when considering perfect data, will be outlined. 

Shell Energy, Security, and Climate Change Seminar

Do you ever feel like letting your inner mechanical engineer show itself. Well, now is your chance!

Be part of the Shell Seminar Series, this time presenting  technologies to move towards higher efficiency internal combustion engine systems.

Join them this Wednesday, March 30 from 1:30 – 3:00pm at the Biological Sciences Bldg. 2.168.

For more information about these seminars please visit

Student Seminar – Army Research Lab

Hello world!
This is a great opportunity to meet Dr. Emery and two outstanding Engineering alumni! Come and learn about what goes on inside the Army Research Labs.

Where: ACES, Classroom Building, 1st Floor

When: Wednesday March 9 (Today!)

Seminar Time: 11:30 – 12:15

Social: 12:15 – 1:00



Mathematica Seminars

Wolfram Education Group is offering free online Mathematica seminars.

Explore advanced topics in the newest free online Mathematica

“Image Processing Applications”: This seminar explores several
applications of image processing in Mathematica, including
segmentation techniques, feature detection, working with multiple
images, image stitching, and deconvolution. The new image
processing capabilities of Mathematica 8 are highlighted.

“Control Systems in Mathematica”: This seminar explores the new
suite of control system tools in Mathematica 8, used to do
analysis, design, and simulation of continuous and discrete-time
systems. Topics include the construction and manipulation of
state space and transfer function models, system
interconnections, frequency response plots, and controller

Here are dates and times of our upcoming live online seminars.
Times are U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST). These seminars are

S11: What’s New in Mathematica 8
March 1, 6pm EST

S41: Statistical Visualization with Mathematica
March 3, 10am EST

S24: Working with Imported Data in Mathematica
March 3, 6pm EST

S18: Import and Export Data Formats in Mathematica
March 4, 10am EST

S20: Statistics and Data Analysis with Mathematica
March 4, 1pm EST

S51: Image Processing Applications
March 9, 10am EST

S60: Control Systems in Mathematica
March 10, 10am EST

Attend as many seminars as you like. See the complete calendar

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